Bonding and printing production

At Apparel Tech, we excel in bonding and printing production, where our customers have the luxury of choosing from a myriad of products and services in this field.


The bonding and printing production at Apparel Tech includes: 


  • Bonding air holes
  • Appliqué bonding
  • Sticker bonding
  • Garment seam bonding
  • Pocket bonding
  • Fabric high build bonding
  • Zipper bonding with garage
  • Sticker bonding (PU transfer)
  • Leather bonding
  • Foil transfer
We also provide an array of skilled services in laser cutting, which includes:


  • Kiss cutting
  • Engraving: either onto metal, wood or fabric
  • Fabric cutting
  • Print guide cutting (printed badges)


Another service offered at Apparel Tech includes sublimation printing and a print cutter machine which is available for poly-cotton textiles, 100% polyester material, and 100% cotton fabrics.